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UPDATE: 2014 - over 52,000 people have read this informative article so far so I thought I Might update it somewhat. Koteswara Rao who worked with both Recording companies and Gemini of Chennai while in the age of mono -noise is an important label among notable audio professionals of India. My conviction the best period for that quality of Ilayaraja's audio was the time when Emmy caused him becomes firmer once I hear the over 250 files of Ilayaraja repeatedly. He also had played his part in the audiorecording of Rahman's debut melody Aasai'.

The music hence made would directly define lines that were circular over a polish history or / shellac dish. I've heard a three- minute history of the chat in Tamil with a Horse cart driver away from Central Railway Place in Chennai documented in 1907 on a single such audio recorder audio mixing introduced from Philippines! It was something where the audio was made to emanate through three individual stations around the remaining and appropriate plus a digital heart. The stereo recording of audio enhanced the naturalness of the enjoyed back many that was sound -collapse.

Koteswara Rao who worked with both Gemini in the time of mono of Chennai -sound can be an important brand among outstanding audio experts of India. My indictment that the finest period for that audio quality of Ilayarajais music was the time when Emmy caused him becomes stronger after I notice the over 250 records of Ilayaraja in my own series, repeatedly. He had enjoyed with his aspect inside the audio-recording of the introduction tune Aasai of Rahman'.

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