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For 30 years of research life, I have continued to think, as I have been generated by other people who went before, that my Irish ancestor was Captain John PIGOTT, of King's Corp, who'd a kid named David PIGOTT who had been born in Dublin about 1759. Only Emergency Plumber Dublin a year and seven days after Constantia Maria Senior's demise, her widower John PIGOTT, Esq, of Dublin, was married subsequently, by Rev Mr DUNKIN ATST Bridgetis Cathedral, Dublin, on 2 May 1740, to Katherine BABINGTON, of St Bridget's Parish, the widow of William BABINGTON of Strabane, County Tyrone, and a daughter of Rev John JOHNSTONE of Clondevadock, County Donegal, by Mildred HAMILTON.

More, the marriage notice released in Faulkneris Dublin Newspaper in July 1759, documented the wedding of Leader PIGOTT and Mrs LUMLEY - which suggests this relationship was towards the newer John PIGOTT, who was then more recently employed in the trans-Atlantic business like a shipis Captain, and not his older relative who seems to have properly since retired to look after his acquired Irish property interests.

Where an identical product appeared in Faulkneris Dublin Newspaper of Saturday 30 May, which word swiftly spread to Ireland. Possibly he invested his time all at-sea, from small as 14 years, first as being a young midshipman, then up through the rankings of Spouse, until he was produced a Captain in his or her own appropriate -28. Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, type 7.2, 23 June 2016), July 1731, trial of John Piggot (t17310714-27). Davidis 1759 contact was with HILCOCK, girl of Vintner, HILCOCK and Cock Pit of Cork Hill, Dublin.

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